Freeform Cardio Ski Trainer
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      The FreeForm Ski Trainer Designed in the USA and is engineered to simulate the movements of Cross-Country Skiing in the comfort of your own environment. The Ski Trainer is one of the most challenging machines in the Freeform Range that is adaptable to any athlete’s strength and skill level.

      9 Airflow Adjust Segments - The Freeform Ski Trainer gives you full control over your workout intensity. Resistance response is relative to your stroke movement intensity. As you exert a greater effort, the Freeform Ski Trainer responds with minimising noise and providing a natural, smooth feel.

      Smooth Flywheel - Simply rotate the dial on the spiral damper to adjust the flywheel airflow to suit your preference.

      Extremely Stable -  Enhanced stability beyond the competition. The Freeform Ski Trainer has added a base plate the frame for incredible stability.

      Easy-to-Move - Front transport wheels on high tensile strength, low weight frame make it easy for almost anyone to move the Ski Trainer around your gym.