Freeform E3 Elliptical Trainer
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      The Freeform E3 Elliptical Trainer is a quality, low impact, total-body fitness solution for your home gym, designed to give you a comfortable, solid cardio workout without putting strain on your knee and hip joints. With 32 levels of resistance and 12 preset training programs, you can adjust your workouts to suit your mood, challenge your endurance or work on your heart rate training. The E3 delivers the ultimate indoor workout experience by connecting you to a global community as you ride with the Kinomap or iConsole app. 


      Designed For Comfort

      The Freeform E3 is built with high-quality components to ensure maximum comfort while you train. The rear-drive flywheel allows for a longer, more natural stride while keeping the balance in the machine's centre, allowing for a more even, smoother position while training.

      Complete Workout Control

      Enjoy complete control over your workout with 32 levels of electromagnetic resistance to suit your fitness level. The Freeform E3 is designed for optimum tension for all types of workouts, be it maximising cardio benefit or challenging your endurance.

      Bluetooth Connectivity

      Keep every workout interesting with 12 preset training programs to give variation to your rides and maximise your training sessions so that you can rapidly reach your fitness goals. Use the bluetooth connectivity to join a global community as you ride with the Kinomap or iConsole app, which allows you to ride along with live-action videos from around the globe.

      Stay Entertained While You Train

      Enjoy your workout while keeping up-to-date with your favourite tv shows, movies and programs. Simply place your tablet, phone or handheld device on the built-in stand. The entertainment support allows you to position and secures your phone or tablet to the console, ensuring an optimal view from your riding position.

      Heart Rate Pulse Sensors

      Reach your goals quickly by optimising your training with the in-built heart rate monitor. With dedicated heart rate training, you'll always be in your prime workout zone.

      Convenient Features

      The Freeform E3 comes with multi-grip soft-touch handlebars, allowing for a wide range of handgrip options to add extra variety to your workout. The front in-built transport wheels make it easy to move your Freeform Elliptical Trainer around, so you can train where you want when you want.


      • Max User Weight: 150kg 
      • Flywheel Weight: 9kg
      • Stride Length: 17”
      • Dimensions 166cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 158cm (H)
      • Assembled Weight: 70kg