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      Dumbbells For Sale In Sydney - Macarthur Fitness Equipment

      Power Up Your Strength Training with 25kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell, 4kg Dumbbells

      Dumbbells are great exercise tools for your home workout. These free weight equipment are generally available in multiple sizes, shapes, and weight as well. You can attain the fitness goals that you seek with the help of these dumbbells, such as 4kg dumbbells, 22.5 kg hex dumbbells, 25kg hex dumbbells, 10kg rubber hex dumbbells etc. But where should you go to buy these dumbbells, and more importantly, which ones should you buy? These are a couple of questions being asked by beginners and experienced people as well.

      Macarthur Fitness Equipment - The Perfect Place For Your Home Gym Equipment Supply

      When you talk about supplying home gym equipment for strength and functional training in Sydney, there is no better company than Macarthur Fitness Equipment, located in Narellan. We have many years of experience supplying and installing all types of fitness equipment at Sydney residents’ homes. You can always depend on us whenever you need top-quality dumbbells for your home gym requirements.

      Whether it’s 2kg or 3kg dumbbells or the any other hex dumbbells that you want in Sydney, Macarthur Fitness Equipment is the store for you. So, are you looking to buy 22.5 kg hex dumbbells or 25kg Rubber Hex dumbbells to add to your home gym equipment? Then make sure to call us to provide the following benefits to our customers in and around Sydney:

      Range Of Dumbbells

      Depending upon your fitness goals and body weight, you have two choices while buying this equipment. You will find adjustable dumbbells and fixed-weight dumbbells. So, you can always buy the ideal equipment that best suits your training or workout routine. At Macarthur Fitness Equipment, you will find the following options for your home equipment!

      • Rubber Hex Dumbbells:People planning to use dumbbells for an extended period should always go for our Rubber Hex sets. These hex dumbbells in Sydney are bundled in 10 to 27.5kg dumbbells pairs. So, you can gradually change the dumbbells as per your workout progress. These 25kg rubber dumbbells’ handles are made up of chrome and have excellent knurling. So, you can always exercise with little to no risk of injuries.
      • Adjustable Dumbbells: If you are looking to save space, but maxise your dumbbells, you can look at adjustable dumbbells. These save space, but give you up to 32kg of dumbbells, whilst also being safe and easy to use.

      At our store in Narellan, we always add more and more fitness equipment to our stock. So, you can expect us to bring more dumbbells to the collection soon.

      Our Team Helps You All Along

      Picking the right fitness equipment for your home workout is not always as easy as it sounds. You need someone to guide you along the way, mainly if you belong to the novice category and have never bought any equipment before. That is why we have experts working at our store that will help you select the right dumbbells. You can talk to them without hesitation as they are professional and always ready to help with a smile.

      They will inform you of the pros and cons of buying 3kg vinyl dumbbells or the hex dumbbells for your Sydney home. Over the years, they have consulted hundreds of customers that wanted help in their quest to buy home gym equipment. So, you can always trust our people by giving you the right advice.

      Get Much More At Macarthur Fitness Equipment

      Since 2013, we have made a name for ourselves in the Sydney community. And the reason behind this phenomenal success is our commitment to serving our customers. We go the extra mile for our customer’s satisfaction, whether they need any products or services.

      • We accept payments for equipment, including hex dumbbells in Sydney through ZipPay, Humm & AfterPay.
      • We can match any price that you can show to us from our competitors. However, the final decision rests on our staff. Please read all the details of our Price Match policy on the website.
      • You can also acquire our installation services for all kinds of home gym equipment across Sydney!

      Whether you are an experienced fitness enthusiast or a beginner just starting out, getting the right equipment is essential. At our-based store, we offer a wide range of rubber hex dumbbells to suit all your needs. From 10kg rubber hex dumbbells to 25kg rubber hex dumbbells, our products are crafted to provide maximum comfort and convenience. Place your order today and get the perfect set of dumbbells for your home gym!

      So, call us today on 02-4647 1119 to place your order or to get some advice.