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      Price Match

      Terms & Conditions 

      1. We will match the price if we are able to verify the competitor’s price and that the competitor’s offer is current, not expired and in stock. 

      2. Macarthur Fitness Equipment reserve the right not to sell at or below our cost price. 

      3. To be eligible for a price match the item in question must be identical as to brand, size, model, quality etc. and new stock. 

      4. Price match policy applies to stocked product lines or product in stock (in either our warehouse or that of our suppliers). 

      5. We exclude items sold in stock liquidations, clearances, auctions, commercial quantities,contract pricing, project quotation, shop soiled, damaged or seconds.

      6. The policy applies to competitor’s final price including GST, taxes, fees, delivery and other charges. 

      7. The competitor in question must be in Australia. 

      8. For fair comparison, competitor’s cash price will be matched on a cash basis. 

      9. We may at our discretion match online prices. 

      10. We reserve the right to exclude from our price match policy, product that is part of a financing deal, cash back or bonus type offer. 

      11. Our price match policy applies only at the time of the sale. Retrospective adjustments for price matching will not be entered into at a later date. 

      DefinitionsStock Liquidation– competitor’s distress sales or closing down sales. 

      Clearances– competitor is quitting the product or product range. 

      Commercial quantities– quantity for commercial projects or for resale purposes.