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      The Force USA MyRack is the first truly custom power rack of its kind. Starting with the base unit, you can build your custom rack from the ground up to suit the way you train.

      With over 20 different options to choose from and over 100 different rack variations, you can create your personalised rack to suit your specifications.

      Need Force USA MyRack products to be delivered to your place? You have come to the right place. Macarthur Fitness Equipment houses a collection of the coveted Force USA MyRack equipment in Sydney.

      You can order the Force USA MyRack Customer Power, which is available in 3 colours. This product is fully customisable and is the perfect rack for your home workout needs. Along with this rack, you can also browse through different attachments manufactured by Force USA. 

      We will provide all the details and specifications for these products below. First, let’s begin with Force USA Custom MyRack base.  

      MyRack Base - Specifications & Cost 

      This custom base rack is sold without any attachments. You can add attachments later as every extension is sold separately. So, what’re the specifications of this rack? Is it any good? Let’s find out.   


      • This power rack is fully customisable with 20 attachment options with this Force USA product. 
      • You can have 100s of configurations with this customisable rack.  
      • It weighs 176 lbs, and thus it’s easily portable. However, it has a weight capacity of 2000 lbs. 
      • It is made up of steel through laser-cut technology and thus, offers excellent endurance. 
      • It gives you freestanding and bolt-in options as well. 
      • Force USA offers a lifetime structural warranty for this product. 


      There are three different colour options for Force USA Custom MyRack - blue, red and black. The standard black coloured base rack costs about $599 only. However, the red and blue base custom racks are priced at $549 on our website. So, you can purchase a Custom Base MyRack for extremely low costs at Macarthur Fitness Equipment!  

      Many people want to set up a reliable, sturdy and customisable gym in their homes. And Force USA Custom MyRack is the best pick for you. You can order this fantastic custom rack today for an unbelievable price at Macarthur Fitness Equipment. 

      Force USA MyRack Attachments & Accessories

      Force USA offers a host of accessories that you can attach to your Custom Power MyRack. As mentioned earlier, there are 20 attachment points, and you can get over 100 configurations with this product. So, which accessories and attachments are compatible with this rack? Let’s find out below.

      We have a massive collection of Force USA products in our store. You can attach the following MyRack accessories. 

      • Force USA MyBench: It’s a strong FID bench which you can attach to the Custom MyRack. You get leg extension/curl attachment along with a preacher pad attachment.
      • Force USA MyRack Cable Crossover: These cable attachments are handy for any workout enthusiast. It offers flooring pulleys which allows you to perform various exercises.  
      • Force USA Chin Up Bar: This chin-up bar offers hammer grip and multi-grip options. You can do pull-ups, wide grip chin-ups, reverse-grip pull-ups, parallel-grip chin-ups. 
      • Force USA MyRack Mono-lift: This attachment is a full-scale monolift unit for your Customisable MyRack.    
      • Force USA MyRack Seat/Lat: With this attachment, you can do cable crossover exercises while sitting on a bench. Thus, you can perform lat pull down efficiently. 

      Apart from the attachments given above, you can order many other accessories from Macarthur Fitness Equipment. So, we recommend you to visit our website today!

      Place Your Order Today!

      You can order these products today at an exceptionally low price from Macarthur Fitness Equipment shop. We can deliver your products across Sydney. We have also listed a few things which will make you visit our store in Narellan.  

      Expertise: Our professional staff knows everything about the home gym and fitness equipment. Thus, you can always have a conversation with them to solve your queries. In case you don’t know which Force, USA MyRack accessory is ideal for you, they can help you out.

      Payment Flexibility: Paying the bills for your home gym equipment can be problematic. However, you can buy products from our store and pay the bills in instalments. We accept AfterPay payment from which you can pay the amount in 4-fortnight payments. Similarly, you can opt for other options such as Humm and ZipPay. 

      Store Pick-Up Available: Many people cannot wait to unwrap their products once they make the purchase. However, shipping always takes a few days to reach your doorstep. At Macarthur Fitness Equipment, customers can pick their purchased products from our store in Narellan.

      So, visit our website or call us today and place your order for Force USA MyRack and its accessories!