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      Pure Design

      Pure Design

      The Pure Design PR10 Rowing Machine is a air resistance rowing machine which features 9 levels of resistance. The chain based drive system delivers a smooth rowing experience all the way throughout the stroke. Features: ✦ Resistance: 10 Level Air Resistance...


      The new Ski Trainer now makes the sport of skiing available to all users. This Ski Trainer will help the user develop both strength and endurance by engaging not only your legs and arms but also your core. This Ski...

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      The Pure Design AB8 Air Bike is the latest domestic air bike by Pure Design. Designed for the most intense workouts, the AB8 is built solid. Train in the comfort of your own home! Working out your whole body or...

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      Achieve your fitness goals sooner with an awesome workout that only an airbike can deliver! The all NEW Pure Design AB10 Pro Air Bike is a super smooth air bike that will keep you coming back for more.  ✦ Black...


      Pure Design PR4 The Pure Design PR4 is a residential use rowing machine constructed with a steel frame with aluminium rail for smooth durable motion. It features a durable powder coat finish on the main assembly. The resistance feels consistent...