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      Olympic Barbells For Sale In Sydney

      Olympic Barbells

      We have Olympic Barbells that cater to all levels of weightlifting. When choosing an Olympic Barbell there 2 things that you need to consider: Will you be dropping the barbell from height? What total weight do you intend to lift with your barbell? If you are unsure please contact our store.

      Adding a barbell into your home gym setting is a necessity. Lifting a barbell helps in strength training and in building muscles all around. Almost every gym trainer would suggest you get a barbell, especially an Olympic barbell, for your home gym training. That is why every year at Macarthur Fitness Equipment, we see people enquiring about this equipment in huge numbers.

      Should you get an Olympic barbell for your home gym setting, or should you pick a standard barbell instead? Such types of questions are pretty common in the Sydney community, and today, we would like to clear them once and for all.

      Why Buying An Olympic Barbell Makes Sense?

      People are often confused whenever they have to pick a particular type of barbell for their home gym. When you talk about a standard barbell, you cannot do the heavy lifting. These barbells are surprisingly good for beginners. But that’s just it; you cannot use them when you have to scale up the weight while powerlifting.

      • Loading Capacity: You can add 500kg or more to these Olympic barbells.
      • Spin: You will get rotating sleeves or spin with these specialised barbells, avoiding any risk of wrist injuries.
      • Knurling: Get a fantastic grip on the handlebar of these Olympic barbells. So, you don’t have to worry much about hand or neck injury when you lift this equipment!
      • Whip: Unlike the standard barbells, you receive a much better bend with an Olympic barbell. So, you can easily add more weight plates onto this equipment.

      Although the standard barbell is much cheaper than the Olympic ones, you can only use them for a beginner’s workout. Even if you buy the standard ones sooner rather than later, you have to buy an Olympic barbell sooner rather than later as your resistance improves. Therefore, you should go for this heavy-lifting exercise equipment.

      Buy Olympic Barbells At Macarthur Fitness Equipment

      At our store in Narellan, Sydney, we have everything that you need for your home gym. You will find equipment for cardio, functional training, strength training, and so much more. We have years of experience in supplying top-quality products to our customers in Sydney. So, you can always come to our store whenever you need Olympic barbells.

      Not only do we stock these barbells, but we have Olympic weight plates as well. Therefore, you never have to visit any other store when you have Sydney’s most recommended fitness store right in front of you!

      We Offer Exclusive Benefits

      In Sydney, you will find numerous shops offering Olympic barbells and other equipment. Then why should you come to us and buy this fitness equipment? Well, we offer much more than just services and products to our Sydney customers. Our team provides tangible value for your investment, whether it’s an Olympic barbell or some other equipment.

      Branded Products

      We take pride in stocking fitness equipment from the leading fitness equipment manufacturers in the world. At the Macarthur Fitness Equipment store, you will find Olympic barbells from the following renowned brands!

      • Renegade 7ft Olympic Barbell
      • Renegade 20Kg Olympic Barbell
      • Force USA The Ranger Barbell
      • Force USA The Patriot Barbell
      • Force USA Olympic Weightlifting Bar
      • 7Ft Olympic Bar with Collar
      • Ladies Olympic Barbell & More!

      You can see the other options that you have on this page. You can also

      Best Customer Service

      Right from the beginning, our team will assist you all the way. Whether it’s a query related to online order, payment, or delivery, we will clear them immediately.

      • Our experts will help you pick the right Olympic bar for your home workout requirements.
      • You can talk to our customer support team about any doubts.
      • You can also hire us for a quick installation of home gym equipment in Sydney.
      • We also supply Olympic weight plates at our store in Narellan, Sydney.

      So, call us today and place your order for the perfect home gym equipment at Macarthur Fitness Equipment. You can visit our store or place your order directly on the website!