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      Sydney’s Leading Power Rack Supplier

      Power Racks

      A Power Rack allows you to perform compound exercises in a completely safe manner without hindering your performance or training.

      Power Racks from Macarthur Fitness Equipment are available to suit all budgets.

      Browse our extensive range below!

      Maximise Your Strength Training with High-Quality Gym Racks from Macarthur Fitness Equipment

      Power Racks - Base, All-in-One Equipment & More

      Top athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, or even casual weightlifters always look for better ways to follow their exercise routine. The more strength training they undergo, the better their muscles improve and helps them maintain a good physique. No wonder that there is a surging demand for power racks. People from all across the Sydney suburbs have enquired about this at the Macarthur Fitness Equipment store.

      Do you want a power rack that could help you perform extremely challenging fitness with ease? If that’s the case, you have come to the right place.

      Macarthur Fitness Equipment - We Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals

      Investing in home gym power rack is a decision which you should only take after a thoughtful deliberation of all the factors associated with it. Otherwise, you may not get the best return on your investment. But when you contact our store in Narellan, Sydney, you never have to worry about your spending on a power rack and other home gym equipment. We only deliver the best fitness equipment from household brands across the world.

      You get fine built-quality, manufacturer’s warranty, and customer support at the Macarthur Fitness Equipment store. We are amongst the leading suppliers of power rack bases and all-in-one equipment across Sydney. Since 2013, we have established a name for services and products in the community. So, you can always rely upon the fitness products and gym rack accessories that we deliver to your doorstep.

      Buy Power Rack Equipment & Accessories

      A power rack helps you do many different kinds of strength training exercises. You can do bench press, incline press, overhead press, rack lockout, rack pull, barbell shrug & much more. At our store in Narellan, Sydney, you can choose the power rack per your requirement and preferences. We offer you the best deals on strength training equipment in the entire Sydney region.

      Here are the options you have when you enquire about power racks at Macarthur Fitness Equipment:

      • Power Rack Base: Do you want a standard cage that allows you to do routine exercises before advancing into complex and challenging workouts? Then it would be best if you got our Power Rack base available in multiple colours and from numerous brands across the world.
      • Heavy Duty Power Racks: In this gym rack configuration, you will receive cage equipment along with a bench. With this, you can perform multiple heavy-duty exercises for your strength training.
      • All-In-One Power Racks: Bring home the complete package from Macarthur Fitness Equipment to attain your dream fitness aspirations. The entire equipment comes with essential accessories that you need to transform yourself truly.

      You can also purchase the attachments that go along with power rack at our store. Just talk to our experts, and they will help you pick the proper extension in no time whatsoever.

      Quality Assurance - Top Brands Of The Market

      When you invest top dollars for any fitness equipment, you want quality and longevity from the products. Otherwise, what’s the point? And when you come to Macarthur Fitness Equipment, you are just one step away from the fitness industry’s leading brands of gym rack. You can place your order for power racks from the following brands:

      Our team will help you pick the right equipment that goes along with your budget and workout requirements. So, call us today on 02-4647 1119.