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      Olympic Weight Plates In Sydney

      Olympic Weight Plates

      Renegade Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plates are suitable for use in Powerlifting and other heavy duty weightlifting programmes. They are designed with a triple handle feature which allows for improved grip and greater handling.

      Upgrade Your Workout with Olympic Weight Plates in Sydney - Olympic Gym Equipment for Sale

      When you talk about powerlifting, you can never leave weight plates out of the conversation. Most experts believe that you have to bring weight plates to your home gym sooner rather than later. You can use them while lifting off the bench or from the Power Rack. Nonetheless, you can massively improve your strength by powerlifting heavier weight plates in your training. And there’s no better way than lifting Olympic weight plates on a standard or Olympic bar.

      Are you confused about which weight plates to choose and the best place to buy Olympic weight plates in Sydney? Then you have come to the right place.

      Macarthur Fitness Equipment - Leading Fitness Equipment Supplier In Sydney

      At our Narellan store, every one of our employees shares the same vision and dream regarding the supply of fitness equipment in Sydney. We want our customers to get the best return on their investment. And that is why we have garnered a massive reputation amongst the Sydney residents. Whether you need a power rack, barbell, or Olympic weight plates for your home gym, you can come to us. We will give you the best deal on Olympic weight plates in the entire Sydney market.

      We deliver the highest quality of Olympic weight plates and Olympic gym equipment for sale from some of the world’s leading brands to our customers. You can choose the appropriate weight plate as per your fitness ambitions and current level of strength training. We are sure that you will find the ideal Olympic weight set & plates at our Narellan, Sydney store.

      Why Come To Our Store?

      At Macarthur Fitness Equipment, we understand that everyone’s needs are different regarding powerlifting and heavy-duty workouts. That is why we have stocked Olympic weight plates of different weights so that you don’t have to overwork or underwork your muscles. Not only that, but we have a range of other Olympic gym equipment for sale. With this, you can hit the right reps under the proper weight category during your workout.

      So, when you come to our store, we allow you to focus on your bodybuilding and fitness goals rather than the fitness equipment’s technicalities. Our team will help you from the get-go.

      Our Olympic Weight Plates In Sydney

      You will find Renegade rubber-coated Olympic weight plates in our collection. With these rubber-coated weight plates, you get safety, longevity, and the perfect grip while powerlifting. Renegade is known to manufacture reliable fitness equipment, and so you can expect these Olympic weight plates to last for years to come. The superior built quality also helps to protect your flooring to a great extent!

      • These rubber-coated weight plates are also referred to as non-standard Olympic weight plates at times. With these, you get much more stability during powerlifting heavy barbells.
      • It has a 2-inch diameter hole at the centre, and thus, you can push them on Olympic barbells.
      • The scope of exercises and workout widens tremendously when you bring Olympic weight plates to your home gym. Similarly, you can lift a much heavier load as these weight plates don’t bend very easily!
      • You can put these weight plates comfortably on Power Racks and weight benches!

      Are you interested to know your options when you buy Olympic weight plates? Then talk to our experts at Macarthur Fitness Equipment.

      Exception Customer-oriented Services

      To give you good returns on your investment at our fitness equipment store, we have lined up a few services designed especially for our customers. So, whenever you walk into our store, you will receive the following value-added services:

      • You can immediately clear your queries and doubts regarding Olympic weight plates, Power Rack, Olympic barbells, and other fitness equipment with our experts.
      • We ship our products across Australia within a few days of the order processing. You can check the estimation time for your delivery on our website!
      • You can hire us for our quick fitness equipment installation service, only available in Sydney!

      So, call us today on 02-4647 1119.