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      Exercise Gym Benches Supplier

      Gym Benches

      We have a wide range of gym benches to satisfy all gyms. Our gym benches include flat incline decline (FID) gym benches, flat gym benches etc.

      Raise Your Fitness With Quality Adjustable Benches: Macarthur Fitness Equipment

      Bring An Adjustable Gym Bench To Your Home

      Work on your pectorals, arms, and shoulders to build and improve strength in your upper body. The gains with working your upper body are massive. And there’s no better way to do this than on a gym bench. Whether you have just begun your fitness journey or know your way around strength training, bringing an exercise bench or an adjustable gym bench to your home is a great decision.

      Anyone with a will to improve their fitness must try working out on gym benches, especially on an adjustable gym bench. There are massive benefits that tag along when you bring such an exercise bench to your home. Are you interested to know the workout that you can perform on these adjustable benches?

      Then make sure to read the following bits carefully:

      • Traditional bench press: Work your pectoral muscles, shoulders, and arms lying straight on your back. This position allows you to press dumbbells or barbells without any inclination or declination.
      • Incline bench press: As the name suggests, you can press barbells or dumbbells in an inclined position, all thanks to the adjustable gym bench. Due to these exercises, your upper shoulder and chest muscles are targeted.
      • Decline bench press: In this adjustable bench, your upper body would be in a declined position as the front side of the gym bench is angled upwards. While incline bench press works on the upper muscles of your chest and shoulder, working out in this position operates the lower ones.

      You can always try other positions that would benefit your strength training. Our experts will always help you with the full extent of these exercise benches!

      Macarthur Fitness Equipment - One Step Closer To Your Dream Home Gym

      Everybody loves to take out a few hours of their busy daily routine for workout and fitness exercises. However, going to the gym back and forth for most people after a hectic day at the office or trade is not an option for many. That is why Macarthur Fitness Equipment specialises in supplying all kinds of fitness equipment, including adjustable gym bench, to your home.

      Since our inauguration back in 2013, we have helped thousands of Sydney residents realise their dream of setting up the perfect home gym. We believe that we can help you, too, in your search for an ideal exercise bench for your home gym. You will find everything that you want in an adjustable bench at our Narellan store. So, please hurry up and call us to receive the following benefits:

      Branded Options To Choose From

      Whenever you invest in any home gym equipment, you should always check the equipment you are getting. Otherwise, you may end up with a pretty lousy quality product in your home. Not only would you lose your hard-earned money, but also the will to exercise any further. That is why at Macarthur Fitness Equipment, we only supply gym benches from the leading brands in Australia. You will find the following options at our Narellan store when you are out looking for an adjustable gym bench!

      • Force USA SP3 Flat/Incline
      • Force USA MyBench
      • Renegade Adjustable Bench
      • Renegade Flat Bench

      But this is not the end of our massive collection. You can see the full options available on this page itself.

      Full Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

      Right from the moment you walk into our store to the time of delivery and beyond, we will provide you with the best service in Sydney. So, call us today or visit our Narellan store for the best exercise bench for your home gym.

      • Our experts will help you pick out the best gym bench that suits your fitness requirements and goals.
      • You can place your order online, and we also provide a ‘Price Match’ policy to our customers. However, you must read all the terms and conditions listed on the policy page beforehand.
      • Our shipping is available across the country. However, the delivery time varies for each location in Australia. So, make sure to check out the shipment estimation time before placing any order.
      • We also provide hassle-free and cost-effective installation services in Sydney. So, our team will come to your house and set the equipment in motion.

      Call 02-4647 1119 today and start shopping!