External Heart Rate Monitoring Kit
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      The WaterRower Digital Heart Rate Monitoring Kit, uses state of the art ANT+ wireless technology to accurately measure heart rate and display it on the WaterRower monitor.

      The kit includes:
      (1) Digital Chest Belt ANT+ Transmitter
      (1) External Digital ANT+ Receiver

      This kit is compatible with Series 4 monitors and plugs in externally.

      Digital heart rate monitors have a transmission distance of 1.5 meters (as opposed to 1.0 meters for analog monitors, such as Polar). This allows the receiver to be placed internal, or adjacent to the monitor removing the need for unsightly extension cables. Further, the use of digital technology improves accuracy and reliability.

      ANT+ digital wireless technology greatly improves the range and accuracy of heart rate information and is becoming widely adopted by industry leaders such as Cardio Sport, Garmin, Timex, etc.

      ANT+ Heart Rate Monitoring is compatible with Series 4 or newer monitors only, however, it will NOT fit on the M1 models.