Force USA The Ranger Barbell
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      The Force USA The Ranger Barbell is an Olympic Lifting barbell, easy to use for entry level Olympic Weightlifting. Perfect for the home user!

      The Force USA The Ranger Barbell, by Force USA, is designed for the focused home garage gym trainer. Don’t mess about with nasty, mass produced barbells. Save money by buying a strong, quality Olympic Weightlifting Barbell that won’t break the bank.

      With standard dimension knurling and IPF/IWF positioning, the Ranger Barbell is the ideal all-rounder for anyone looking to start lifting heavy things.

      Standard Whip means you stay in control while progressing your lifting form. 1,500LB Weight Rating gives strength and confidence in being capable to take you beyond your goals. Finished in Black Zinc with Bright Zinc Sleeves to protect from rust.

      The Force USA The Ranger Barbell is a 20kg Olympic Lifting Barbell you can trust. Built tough by ForceUSA, The Trusted Name In Strength Equipment.