Gym Floor Tile 1x1x15mm Black with Blue/Red Fleck
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      Gym Floor Tile 1x1x15mm Black with Blue/Red Fleck

      Our gym floor tile makes any space into a proper gym area. These tiles are impact resistant protecting both equipment & flooring underneath. They don't need to be adhered to your floor as the weight of the equipment & the tile itself is enough to ensure nil movement.

      Installing gym floor tiles is relatively straight forward. All you need is a sturdy retractable box knife and spare blades.

        • Rubber tiles, black with blue/red flecks;
        • 15mm thickness
        • Standard 1m x 1m x 15mm size with beveled edge
        • Easy Installation - Simply lay each rubber tile on a flat surface, no need for any nasty glues or adhesives
        • Shock-Absorbant – Ideal for high impact uses
        • Each Rubber Tile weighs about 12kg
        • Made from premium 100% recycled tyre rubber
        • Reduces noise and vibrations
        • Easy cleaning with a broom or sponge indoor
        • Easily cut to fit into corners with a stanley knife