Impulse Leg Extension 200lb Stack
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      The Impulse IT9505 is a pin loaded, commercial grade, leg extension machine. It offers a 200lb weight stack & can be used to train the quadriceps.


      Model IT9505
      Product Name LEG EXTENSION
      Series IT95
      Security ISO20957GB17498-2008
      Certification NSCC
      Patent 201020661845.2 201420021570.4 201620589299.3
      Resistance Pin Load
      Multi-Function monofunctional
      Targeted Muscle Rectus femoris,Vastus lateralis
      Targeted Body Part Lower limbs
      Pedal /
      Standard Shroud Double-sided Complete Enclosure
      UPHOLSTERY COLORS Red+Microgroove+PVC
      Plastic Color Light Grey
      Regulating Part Color Yellow
      Pedal Assist No
      Hook /
      Barbell Plate Storage Bar /
      Product Dimension 1575*1189*1506mm
      Net Weight 133.1kg
      Gross Weight 157.6kg
      Opt Weight Stack (160LBS/200LBS/235LBS/295LBS)