Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer
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      A compact and complete strength and fitness solution with a heap of included attachments, the upgraded Force USA® G3® All-In-One Trainer is ideal for those looking to take the next step in their home strength and fitness training. This unit includes a Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, Power Rack, Core Trainer, Multi-Grip Chin Up Station (350kg), plus two optional Upgrade Kits and a Leg Press Plate. With thought-out design and construction, you can perform a huge range of exercises in one convenient setup!


      The Force USA® G3® All-In-One Trainer has all of your strength and fitness needs covered. Delivering incredible versatility and performance, you can complete a massive number of exercises across the five unique workout stations in one small footprint.

      Stop wasting time waiting for equipment at your local gym and step up to the G3® to create the perfect session flow!


      The upgraded G3® gives you the flexibility and freedom to design your own Functional Trainer workouts, with a stack of features.

      • 2:1 cable ratio for increased versatility
      • 4 roller design for smooth movement
      • Holds a massive 320kg (706lbs)
      • 21 north/south cable slider positions.
      • 2.5m (8.2ft) extension on the cables

      You’ll love all of the functional exercises, including Low to High / High to Low Cable Chest Fly, Cable Chest/Shoulder Press and Cable Upright/Low Row, plus room to add Walking Cable Lunges, Cable Sled Pulls and Cable Squat Walks


      Push yourself to the limit and train with zero risk knowing every safety feature has been included. With Front Safeties, J-hooks, Spring Loaded Depth adjustment, Lock-out Pegs and Smart Safe Locks, you’ll have 100% confidence no matter what exercises or weights you’re doing.


      • 1 x Barbell Holder
      • 2 x Front Safeties
      • 2 x J-hooks
      • 4 x Band Pegs
      • 1x Long Straight Bar
      • 1 x Short Straight Bar
      • 2 x Nylon Handles
      • 4 x Carabiners
      • 1 x Tricep Rope
      • 10 x Spring Collars
      • 1 x Core Trainer
      • 1 x A Bar Row
      • 4 x Attachment Storage hooks
      • 6 x Weight Plate Storage sleeves


      • Usage: Domestic
      • Extras:
        • Force USA G3 Upgrade Kit
        • Force USA G3 Leg Press Plate
        • Force USA G20 Upgrade Kit
      • Materials and Finish:
        • Heavy gauge structured steel tubing throughout
        • Tough PVC and rubber in heavy use areas to increase durability
        • Long-lasting clear coating with anti-rust protection
        • Eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder coating
      • Important Specs:
        • 2:1 Cable Ratio
        • Plate-loaded
        • Chin Up Bar Weight Rating: 350kg (771lbs)
        • Cable Rating: 907kg (2000lbs)
        • Max Cable Stretch: 2.5mtrs (8.2ft)
        • Westside spacing on the uprights, numbering every 5th hole
        • Smooth cable movement due to the 4 roller design
        • 21 north/south cable slider positions
        • Holes in base to bolt unit to the floor
        • Simple assembly in 2-3 hours
      • Product Weight: 184kg (496lbs)
      • Dimensions: 158 (D) x 172 (W) x 220 (H) cm
      • Internal Dimensions: 125 (W) x 208cm floor to Chin-Up bar
      • Warranty:
        • Frame: Lifetime
        • Parts: 2 years
        • Upholstery: 90 Days

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