Morgan Aventus 8" Floor To Ceiling Ball + Adjustable Straps
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      The Morgan Aventus rounded floor-to-ceiling ball also called "double-ended punch bag" is one of the essential pieces of any boxing studio. It does not only improve a boxer's speed, hand coordination, and reaction time, but also flexibility. This will primarily enhance punching speed and defensive reflexes in a fight. Training with the rounded floor-to-ceiling bag itself will help tone the muscles and improve endurance. 

      The rounded floor-to-ceiling punch ball from Morgan is 18cm in both length and width, replicating an adult head size. It is made from unique synthetic leather that has been tested for UV and mildew resistance for both indoor and outdoor use. The ball also has adjustable elasticated nylon straps that are double-stitched for durability, maximum strength, and rapid movement. The pack includes a floor-to-ceiling ball and a pair of adjustable straps. 

      • 18cm x 18cm with an additional 10cm per end riveted in attachment straps
      • Comes with a rubber bungee cord for adjustability and calibration
      • Tough Nylon with ease of adjustability and stability
      • Designed to replicate a human head shape and size

      The Morgan Aventus rounded floor-to-ceiling ball is everything you need to start working on your speed and accuracy!