Morgan Aventus Floor To Ceiling Ball + Adjustable Straps
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      A floor-to-ceiling punch ball is an excellent way for boxers to train their body and enhance their striking power. Morgan Aventus floor-to-ceiling ball is an essential piece of equipment for improving hand speed, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. The ball, with a cylindrical shape, is made of synthetic leather that is tested for UV and mildew resistance to allow the ball to be used both indoors and outdoors. 

      The Morgan floor-to-ceiling ball comes with a strong double-stitched adjustable elasticated strap designed for maximum strength and rapid movement. It can be adjusted from a lower position where boxers can set their body and generate power from their core to a higher position which requires a more explosive punch. The Morgan Aventus floor-to-ceiling pack includes a floor-to-ceiling ball and a pair of adjustable straps which are everything you need to start working on your speed and accuracy.

      • 35cm in length and 16cm in diameter
      • Comes with a rubber bungee cord for adjustability and calibration
      • Tough Nylon with ease of adjustability and stability
      • No zippers or rivets ensure the ball is safe to be used with no gloves
      • Re-enforced loops sewn down the into the ball to provide added longevity

      Let your boxer train in full force when using Morgan Aventus floor to ceiling bag!