Powertec Streamline Functional Trainer
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      The Streamline Functional Trainer is one of the most versatile and unique training systems on the market. The Streamline Functional Trainer comes standard as a free weight plate loaded machine. Add the optional 190lb single selectorized weight stack and you'll have an industry leading 500lb weight capacity. This machine is ideal for isolating each muscle group and those looking for a total body workout in one machine.

      The optional 190 lb. selectorized Weight Stack, purchased separately as an Add-On, Can Bring the Weight Resistance Capacity to 500 lbs.

      The Streamline Functional Trainer has a ratio of 1:2 if only one side is being used. If both sides are used at the same time, then the weight ratio is 1:4.

      Maximum weight capacity for one side is 250lbs and for both sides in use at the same time, it is 125lbs.