Pure Design SE10 Ski Trainer
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      The new Ski Trainer now makes the sport of skiing available to all users. This Ski Trainer will help the user develop both strength and endurance by engaging not only your legs and arms but also your core.

      This Ski Trainer  built strong and durable and can be used whether in a commercial gym environment or in a home/garage set up.
      Whether you are an elite skier or just want to improve your cardiovascular endurance, the Pure Design SE10 will help you achieve your goals.

      ✦ Free Standing or Wall Mountable
      ✦ 10 Levels of Air Resistance with Adjustable Dampner
      ✦ High Strength Drive cords and Ergonomic Handles
      ✦ Monitor Functions include Time 500M AVG, Watts Avg Watts, Dist 30 Mins, Heart
      rate, Total Distance, Calories, Programs.
      ✦ Built-In Polar wireless heart rate receiver.
      ✦ Anti Slip Large Wooden Base
      ✦ Max. User Weight: Unlimited