Pure Design AB10 Pro Air Bike
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      Achieve your fitness goals sooner with an awesome workout that only an airbike can deliver! The all NEW Pure Design AB10 Pro Air Bike is a super smooth air bike that will keep you coming back for more. 

      ✦ Black 3.0mm thick 50x100 oval tubing frame structure.
      ✦ Black oversized foot pegs.
      ✦ Large LCD screen displays 8 workout modes including
      ✦ 20/10, 20/30, custom intervals, target settings and heart rate control.
      ✦ Built-In Polar wireless heart rate receiver.
      ✦ Grey OD 560mm / 4.8kg super steel fan
      ✦ Heavy duty anti-slip dual pedal assembly.
      ✦ Black Large custom PU seat.
      ✦ Chromed fast adjusting seat mechanism.
      ✦ Chromed quick Up & Down height locking mechanism.
      ✦ Black OD 76mmx 24mm Nylon / Fibre integrated moving wheels.
      ✦ Black OD 50mm TPR anti-slip adjustable foot stops.
      ✦ Rear handle for easy moving
      ✦ Max. User Weight: 150kgs