Renegade 15kg 1500lb Ladies Barbell
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      Going for PB's requires equipment that is built for the task! The Renegade 15kg 1500lb Ladies Barbell is designed & engineered to be the only barbell you'll ever need.


      • A 6.8ft length makes this barbell so versatile. Use it outside a rack for deadlifts, bent over rows or inside for squats, bench etc.
      • The handle of the Renegade 15kg 1500lb Ladies Barbell is a diameter of 25mm width
      • Needle bearings give the Renegade 15kg 1500lb Ladies Barbell great whip which is essential for those complex lifting movements


      • Dimensions: 2010mm x Ø25mm
      • Weight: 15kg
      • Weight Capacity: 1500lb
      • Coating: CrMo
      • 2 x Copper Bushing
      • 8 x Needle Bearing
      • Centre Knurling: No
      • Knurling Quality: Medium