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      Get The Renegade Fitness 35kg Slam Ball And Upgrade Your Fitness

      The Renegade Fitness 35kg slam ball is a commercial grade slam ball (dead ball) that is designed to not roll away. Slam balls are made from a strong rubber material and filled with sand. They are durable enough to be used on most floor surfaces. Macarthur Fitness Equipment sells a range of home gym equipment including the Renegade Fitness 35kg slam ball.

      Slam Balls can be used to perform many different exercises including squats, shoulder press & more.

      The Renegade Fitness 35kg slam ball is an incredibly-versatile training tool that can help you take your fitness to the next level. The slam ball provides a full-body workout, which helps improve your cardiovascular endurance and builds strength and power. It also helps develop coordination, balance, agility, and increases muscular endurance.

      Additionally, the ball is also great for developing core stability and improving posture. With its unique shape and weight distribution, it provides an effective way to burn calories while sculpting muscles in a fun way. So, go ahead and place your online order with Macarthur Fitness Equipment today or call 02-4647 1119 if you need to know more.