Renegade Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plate 5kg
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      Renegade Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plates incorporate a steel inner ring which allows for effortless slide on and off bars. 

      The triple handle feature allows for flexible use for other strength exercises including core rotations etc.
      Improve strength, boost cardio fitness and add muscle definition. Available in five different weights.
      Product Description:
      Renegade Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plates are suitable for use in Powerlifting and other heavy duty weightlifting programmes. They are designed with a triple handle feature which allows for improved grip and greater handling.
      The integrated separators create a gap which allows easy access to grip the plates when putting on, or taking off, the bar.
      The rubber material reduces the noise made from the plates coming in contact with each other are specifically designed for staple heavy lifting exercises such as Bench Press and Squat.
      Due to the varying diameters of these plates, they should not be used in exercises in which the bar, and / or weight plates are dropped, or lowered to the floor in a less than controlled manner.
      For exercises like these we recommend Olympic Bumper Weight Plates as they have the same diameter, and therefore will disperse the force of impact evenly, reducing the risk of damaging the floor or the plates.
      Available in five different weights and thickness:1.25kg – 3.3cm, 2kg – 3.4cm, 5kg – 3.7cm thickness, 10kg – 4.4cm thickness, 20kg – 5cm.