Schmidt Soft Plyo Boxes
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      Soft Plyo Boxes are great for jump training and conditioning. Made of an ultra-dense foam, the box will protect your shins and joints by jumping onto a soft, impact-absorbing surface. No need to worry about cutting your shins on a missed jump like you would with a steel or wooden box. The foam is forgiving and gives you the confidence to push through a tough workout, or go for a personal record high jump!
      Best of all, unlike similar products on the market, our boxes are heavy and highly tip-resistant when you jump on the edges. Tipping up when you jump on an edge is the #1 complaint of every competing product, but we've fixed that! Surprisingly easy to move despite their weight since you can flip, drag, or push them around without worry of damage to the box. Or you can purchase a few of the lower height options to have multiple exercise options (dips, push ups, step ups, plyo jumps, etc.) and they will be easy to stack, move, and secure with the heavy duty Velcro..
      Available in 4 sizes
      15, 30, 45 & 60cm