WaterRower Cherry Rowing Machine
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      WaterRower Cherry Rowing Machine

      The WaterRower Cherry rowing machine is handcrafted in solid cherry wood. Like all woods, cherry may vary in color from a reddish-brown to deep red. Cherry wood, like all woods used in WaterRower construction, is a premium hardwood with incredible longevity and dimensional stability. It will also darken in color with exposure to light. For this reason, all WaterRower cherry wood components are kept in light free rooms to protect from shadowing. A new WaterRower Cherry will therefore appear quite light in color. The wood will however darken over time reaching a rich reddish hue.

      Each Cherry WaterRower is treated with three coats of Danish Oil providing an exceptionally deep luster and brilliant finish. Wood is an excellent material for this application due to its ability to absorb sound and vibration enhancing the WaterRower's smooth, quiet operation. 


      Product WaterRower
      Dimensions 201 x 56 x 53
      Weight 30,5
      Max. User Weight 150 kg
      Seat height 31 cm
      Material Cherry
      Training Cardio, Strength
      Rails Standard
      Monitor S4
      Extensions ComModule, HiRise Adaptor, Tablet Holder, Laptophalterung, SmartRow, XL-Rails
      Country of Manufacture United States
      Power connection No
      Batteries 4 x AA
      Assembly required Yes
      Pakete 2
      Packages 220 x 14 x 11
      70 x 60 x 60
      Warranty 2 Jahre
      Included with delivery WaterRower Cherry
      2 x Puritabs
      Water pump