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      Commercial Flat Bench

      Force USA Light Commercial Flat Bench

      The Force USA Light Commercial Flat Bench has an incredibly sturdy frame with a massive 400kg weight rating. Enhanced stability with wide frame steel tubing.

      • Thick, heavy gauge Steel Force steel tubing for a massive 400KG weight rating. One of the strongest Semi Commercial Flat Bench with maximized stability for a safe workout every time.
      • Force USA innovation in design. Oversized DuraCore padding with VorTex upholstery supported by a heavy duty frame with ultra-thick bolts for supreme strength.
      • Why risk buying a generic, unknown brand when you can buy a premium quality Flat Gym Workout Bench which has been designed in the USA. Only Force USA gives you this level of quality and strength at an affordable price. Backed by Force USA’s renowned LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY.

      An insanely strong flat bench, the Force USA Light Commercial Flat Bench is ideal for use with dumbbells and also barbell training when used with Squat Racks, Power Cages, Smith Machines or Functional Trainers.

      We are glad that you came to us - Macarthur Fitness Equipment. We know how serious you are about your daily exercise routine. But as you grow stronger, you will need newer fitness equipment for your workout regime. And that’s fine with us as we can fulfil all of your needs when it comes to fitness equipment. Today, we have the magnificent Force USA (Light) Commercial Flat Bench on display. It’s truly a work of art and excellent quality with the Force USA brand. Macarthur Fitness Equipment is happy to distribute this fantastic flat bench equipment in Australia.

      Thousands of clients have walked through our doors over the years and picked their own Force USA commercial flat bench from our store. This product has the supreme built quality and does the job it’s supposed to do. You will never be disappointed regarding this flat bench whatsoever. After all, it’s a Force USA product and comes with a lifetime structural warranty as well.

      So why not join our massive list of customers who have bought this sublime fitness equipment for their work out? The price is affordable, we deliver products Australia-wide, and there’s a generous return policy in place too.

      Work On Your Chest & Upper Body

      Do you consider yourself a devout fitness enthusiast and want to improve your form or muscle group in one way or another? Or are you someone who has just begun working out and wants to build their overall endurance by taking one step at a time? Either way, you will definitely need a flat bench in your studio or gym sooner rather than later. And what’s better than a premium product like Force USA's commercial flat bench?

      It’s the perfect bench for your chest and pectoral muscle workout. The bar itself allows you to perform a whole bunch of exercises that target your entire upper body. Isn’t that great? With a Force USA commercial flat bench in your home, you can finally build your chest from ground zero. The bench in itself is pretty easy to install and use, as you will find the instructions in its manual.

      Here are the things that you can do with a flat bench in your home gym.

      • Barbell Flat Bench Press
      • Close Grip Flat Bench Press
      • Smith Machine Flat Bench Press
      • Weight Plate Flat Bench Press
      • Wide Grip Flat Bench Press
      • Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

      By following a proper workout schedule, you will see a massive improvement in your upper body strength, muscle endurance, etc. So, hurry up and order this fantastic piece of flat bench equipment by Force USA today.

      Macarthur Fitness Equipment Is Here To Deliver Your Fitness Equipment

      Nowadays, people are aware of the importance of exercising every day, be it at home or local gym. But with work from home becoming a new norm for people, many are building their home gyms for their daily workouts. It makes perfect sense for these individuals, and hence Macarthur Fitness Equipment is here to fulfil your needs for home gym equipment, including the Force USA commercial flat bench.

      Unlike our competitors, we hardly ever go out of stock. We have our ties with some of the world’s finest fitness equipment manufacturers. And thus, it’s easy for us to restock supplies and deliver products to your home in Australia whenever you need them.

      Unbeatable Price Tag: We can rival any competitor’s price for the same model and version of the product displayed on the website. That’s how committed we are to serving the Australian community with premium fitness equipment. You can read about the Price Match Policy in detail on our website.

      Finance Options: Macarthur Fitness Equipment has ties with Australia’s leading finance solution providers, such as AfterPay, ZipPay, Humm, etc. So, you can buy our Force USA Commercial Flat Bench now and pay the instalments later.

      Fast Shipping: Our team ships and delivers products across Australia. So, you can buy our fitness equipment online and expect lightning-quick delivery within few days. To know more, please refer to our shipping and delivery page!

      Easy Returns: You can return your items bought from Macarthur Fitness Equipment within 28 days, thanks to our “Change Of Mind” return policy. However, there are various terms and conditions that you should read before returning any of our products.

      Order your flat bench now or call us to find out more!