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      Morgan Sports

      Morgan Sports
      Macarthur Fitness Equipment is a proud Authorised Reseller for top quality Morgan Boxing & Fitness Equipment.
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      MORGAN ELASTICATED EASY (QUICK) HAND  WRAPS These hands wrap for boxing,  MMA,  Muay Thai and contact sports training offer incredible support for your wrist,  whilst ensuring maximum comfort for a successful workout.  Made from a resilient fabric with a no-slip...

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      The Morgan endurance mouth guard helps prevent serious injury or concussion.  Our mouth guards are one of the most important pieces of protective equipment you can have in your kit bag.  Whether you're just starting your first day into sparring...


      The Morgan cotton hand wraps offer enhanced thickness. It measures 4 metres in length so you can completely wrap your wrists, hands, and knuckles for maximum support and protection without being bulky underneath the gloves. Made with 100% pure cotton...


      The Morgan Punch elite bag swivel and dual carabiners is a commercially designed and manufactured swivel that is recommended for heavier bags.  Designed to be used in conjunction with chains or applied to a punching bag that may be hanging...

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      The Morgan Boxing chain and swivel are cut from the toughest high-grade steel and made to hold up to 100kg easily.  The ultimate choice of punching bag hanging chains, o ur hanging chains also come with a 360-degree rotating swivel, ...

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      With over 3000prs sold every year,  the Morgan classic bag mitts are a cost-effective way of protecting your client's hands.  Used by PT’s,  Fitness Clubs,  Boxing Studio’s,  Martial Arts Dojos,  Rugby League Clubs and just about anyone else who needs...

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      The Morgan MMA classic training gloves are designed using a singular piece of latex inner foam with an additional layer of infused foam over the knuckle portion of gloves that allows for heavy hammer fist. Using an open palm design...

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      MORGAN MESH SPORTS BALL BAG Made with an industrial grade mesh fabric, the morgan mesh equipment sports bags are designed for trainers and coaches who need their group training equipment to air out after long, sweaty training sessions. Designed to...

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      Increase the height of your aerobic steps with our Morgan step risers. Each step riser will increase the height of your aerobic platform by 5cm and allows you to perform different aerobic routines for a professional workout even when you’re...

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      Morgan Rotational Ceiling Hook is constructed from shatterproof-steel measuring 12cm long and a 15cm wide base plate for superior stability. The additional ball bearings located around the hook area allow punch bags to spin freely when in use and offer...

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      Morgan Liquid Chalk is a magnesium carbonate gym and climbing chalk substitute. This innovative product has a superior bond to the palms and keeps the hands dry for longer forming a barrier against sweat and moisture during workouts. Our liquid...

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      This Morgan neoprene wrist and ankle weights quickly and easily strap on and impact every move you make. Put them on during your aerobic and weight training routines and feel that little extra burn. Using our neoprene material makes wearing...

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