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      Kettlebell Collection in Sydney

      Renegade Fitness Kettlebells are moulded from a single block of iron and then powder coated to give them a smooth comfortable finish.

      For many people, building strength is the prime motive for their daily workout. There are many ways in which one can develop their overall strength and improve their physique. One such method is by exercising with kettlebells. Depending upon your current physical conditions, you can try different kettlebells while working out. You may exercise with a 12kg kettlebell or with the 20kg one. It depends upon your fitness goals and capacity to endure different classes of weight.

      The best part about this fitness tool is that you can exercise with it anywhere you want. Whether you have built a home gym or want to exercise outside the home, kettlebells are the perfect equipment for you. Are you looking to buy kettlebells in Sydney, Australia? Then you have come to the right place.

      Macarthur Fitness Equipment - Delivering Fitness Equipment Across Sydney

      You will get everything from fitness equipment to accessories at our Narellan store and from quick delivery to hassle-free installation. We have garnered a name for ourselves, all thanks to our quality services and products. Whether you need a 12kg kettlebell, 20kg kettlebell or 24kg kettlebells, we can supply them to you. Since 2013, we have added significant value to thousands of customers who have bought our store’s products. And there is no reason why we can’t do the same with you.

      Just visit our store today or place your order online for 8kg, 12kg or other variants of kettlebells available at Macarthur Fitness Equipment. You will not regret investing in any of our fitness equipment or services.

      Choosing The Right Kettlebell Weight For Your Training

      Not every kettlebell weighs the same, even if it has a unique design. People have other requirements for weightlifting exercises, and thus, choosing the right weight for your new kettlebell becomes a critical job. Whether you want a 20kg kettlebell or a bit heavier, it all depends on multiple factors. You can’t just pick any kettlebell that you see on the shelves, can you?

      Consider these factors before picking any gear for your lifting exercises.

      • First of all, consider the kind of exercises you want to perform with these kettlebells.
      • Do you have previous experience in weightlifting?
      • Now consider the goals you have set for your exercise, and how fast do you want to achieve them?
      • Also, look for the handle diameter carefully as you may find different measurements on a 20kg kettlebell than on a 12kg one.

      It’s always better to sort these things out before buying any fitness equipment. You should pick the right equipment for your fitness regime, whether it’s the 20kg kettlebell, a 28kg kettlebell, or the 32kg one. You can talk to our experts at Macarthur Fitness Equipment and ask them about this topic.

      Why Come To Us?

      In today’s overly competitive market, you can locate a fitness equipment store within a few seconds. But that is precisely one of the problems while searching for a reliable fitness equipment supplier. There are just too many of them around, and it’s challenging to pick one among them. But Macarthur Fitness Equipment assures you of the quality of kettlebells that we supply. Whether you need a 12kg kettlebell or 28kg kettlebell, you will get the best product at our store.

      • Branded Kettlebells: At our Narellan store, you will find Renegade Fitness Kettlebells. Renegade is one of the leading brands when it comes to the manufacturing of fitness equipment. So, you can put your money into buying these kettlebells. You can buy a single unit of kettlebells from Macarthur Fitness Equipment or buy the whole Renegade Kettlebell Collection. The choice is entirely yours!
      • Built Quality: These kettlebells allow you to use both hands due to their wide horn. The 12kg kettlebell and other variants are colour coded as per their weight categorisation. So, you will find a different colour for a kettlebell with extra weight. Similarly, you will get a smooth handle on these strength training tools from Macarthur Fitness Equipment. You will love our fitness equipment from the get-go.
      • Quick Delivery: The modern consumer wants their product to be delivered as quickly as possible. And at our Narellan store, we make sure that our customers receive their kettlebells within the stipulated deadline! You can expect us to deliver products to your Sydney residence within 2-3 days. Similarly, we also ship our fitness equipment across Australia. However, the delivery time varies greatly for each distinct location!

      Do you need help with anything related to our fitness equipment? You can contact our experts, and they will resolve your doubt immediately! So, contact us now! You can directly purchase 12kg kettlebells, 20kg kettlebells and other kettlebells from our website. Else, you can visit our physical store located in Narellan, Sydney!