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      Squat Stand For Sale In Sydney

      Almost every gym trainer or any professional athlete would tell you the importance of doing squats. This simple yet phenomenally effective exercise targets your lower body as well as the upper body muscles. And there are various levels to doing squats as well. When you have built up enough strength in your thighs, calves & other lower body muscles doing regular free-weight squats, you can start adding resistance to your back. However, it’s always recommended to make use of a proper squat stand while doing back squats.

      What do you mean by a ‘squat stand’, and how does it help you in strength training? We have received these questions far too many times at our store in Narellan. Therefore, we believe that we should answer them below! So, you can make the right decision while purchasing fitness equipment in the Sydney market.

      Squat Stand- How It Helps You!

      A squat stand is fitness equipment that helps you do resistance training while doing squats. It allows you to put standard & Olympic barbells below your shoulder height. So, you can easily pick the weighted barbell and do back squats. Most of the squat stands are made up of metal, preferably steel. And no, it’s not the same equipment as a Power Rack. Although, we have that equipment in our store as well.

      • As touched upon briefly before, back squats help you massively build muscles around your legs.
      • Doing a squat while lifting heavy barbells also improves your core muscles.
      • Similarly, this exercise and its variations boost your athletic abilities to a great extent!
      • And finally, you can always increase or decrease the weight on those barbells quickly when you have a suitable squat stand in your home. Safety is an essential factor, especially for an athlete, isn’t it?

      So, why not invest in a squat stand for your home gym equipment today? We know the perfect store from where you can pick this marvellous equipment without exceeding your budget!

      Welcome To Macarthur Fitness Equipment - Sydney’s Favourite Store

      Are you one of those who has never bought any fitness stand before? We understand that it can be a difficult experience for beginners to buy any fitness equipment, let alone a squat stand. But you don’t have to worry when you have a team of highly experienced professionals right in front of you.

      Our store in Narellan was established back in 2013 and has served thousands of customers in Sydney. Out of these thousands of customers, we have supplied all types of fitness equipment to first timers. So, you can always trust the entire process when you are standing inside the Macarthur Fitness Equipment Store in Narellan, Sydney!

      Our Squat Stand

      We believe that you have already gone through the benefits of buying a squat rack for your home gym, mentioned at the start. At our store, you can purchase the appropriate fitness equipment at the right price as well. We have Renegade Half Rack in store for you. It’s one of the finest pieces of equipment for your back squat workout. But that’s not it. You can also perform pull-ups as it has a multi-grip chin-up bar. Similarly, you can use this finely built squat stand for various other purposes too.

      Are you interested to know more about this equipment available at our Narellan store? You should talk to our brilliant team of experts.

      Contact Us Today!

      So, call us today and bring home a premium squat rack from Renegade at the best Sydney market price. You can either pick the equipment from our store or put your order online!