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      Weight Plates & Sets Collection in Sydney

      Rigorous and regular Strength training opens up a lot of avenues for you. And nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym to lift some weights. You can easily set up a gym at your home with a few dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates. If you are not a beginner, then the 5kg weight plates and 10kg weight plates are perfect for you.

      So, are you interested in purchasing these weight plates and sets for your home gym in Sydney? Then you have come to the right fitness equipment store’s website. We have everything that you need, from weight plates to barbells and from dumbbells to Power Racks. You can get 2kg, 5kg or even 10kg weight plates delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

      Welcome To Macarthur Fitness Equipment - Leading Fitness Equipment Supplier!

      Our Narellan store brings the most advanced home gym equipment for Sydney residents. Regardless of your fitness goals, you will find the right equipment at our store. Whether you want equipment for functional training, strength building or cardio exercise, we have it all. Since 2013 when we started our store in Narellan, we have delivered top-class services and fitness equipment in Sydney.

      So, you can come to Macarthur Fitness Equipment to buy 5kg weight plates or 10kg weight plates as per your requirements!

      Olympic Weight Plates Package By Renegade

      You can come to our store or place your order online for these weight plates. You will find 2kg, 2.5 kg, 5kg, 10kg, and even 20 kg weight plates available in different quantities in this package. This complete package of Olympic weight plates by Renegade offers longevity, durability, and top-quality performance. After all, Renegade is one of the leading fitness equipment brands in the country. So, you can put your trust in this weight set & plate pack without any hesitation.

      Benefits From Lifting Our Weight Plates

      People often come up with questions like why they should get rubber-coated weight plates and what benefits they get from lifting weight plates. Believe us when we say that every month, we receive multiple queries of such nature. So, do you have the same questions looming over your mind regarding 5kg weight plates & 10kg weight plates by Renegade? Well, we would love to answer them for you below!

      • With Olympic weight plates, you can powerlift both Olympic barbells and the standard ones. So, you get versatility with your strength training when you choose our weight plates.
      • You don’t have to worry about its bend and whip as these weight plates can withstand heavy load with ease. And this is not the case with the standard weight plates.
      • Whether you are doing powerlifting or bench press, you get a much better grip with these weight plates. The rubber-coated material ensures that your floor doesn’t get damaged if the plates are dropped!

      Are you interested to know more about the benefits of lifting barbells and weight plates? Then talk to experts at Macarthur Fitness Equipment today! We will give you the best deal on branded fitness equipment in Sydney. Customers from across the country can shop online on our website.