Adidas Padded Lifting Grips
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      Strengthen your sets!

      Ideal for performing pull-ups, deadlifts and rows, the adidas Padded Lifting Grips strengthen your sets for more effective and progressive strength training. Featuring a densely rubberised palm, the grips provide a comfortable contact zone for any Olympic bar, dumbbell or pull up bar; offering both enhanced protection and performance for more focussed and productive training sessions.

      With a Velcro wrist fastening that features a padded neoprene lining, the lifting grips provide a secure and durable anchor for more reliable reps. The padded neoprene section delivers complete comfort and enhanced protection whilst the metal loop closure ensures a strong and secure fit.

      • Helps to maximise grip for stronger pull movements
      • Ideal for pull-ups, deadlifts and rows
      • Rubberised palm wraps around the bar for a solid contact
      • Velcro wrist fastening with metal loop closure gives a strong, secure fit
      • Padded neoprene wrist section provides comfort and protection