Horizon Fitness Paragon X Treadmill
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      Horizon Paragon X Treadmill

      The newest addition to the award-winning Paragon line, the Paragon X brings together performance and technology. As a result, the user gets a workout that’s the closest thing to hitting the trail without leaving your house.

      Exclusive AirTrain Technology combines responsive air cushioning with 10 challenge programs to simulate real trail running.

      Intuitive controls adjust speed and incline at the touch of a button to add challenge, The FitDisplay app with WeChat compatibility connects via Bluetooth to elevate the exercise experience with all the things that keep you moving.

      With this unique fusion of performance and technology, the Paragon X is the only treadmill for trail running beginners and enthusiasts who want to take their training further at home.

      FEATURES of Horizon Paragon X Treadmill

      • A powerful 3.25 HP motor and a 56 cm / 22" wide deck. These provide performance and room for intense trail running workouts.
      • Ultra-modern styling includes open frame and a curved console. The Paragon has streamlined I-shaped folding and contoured, chrome-accented design details.
      • One-touch Run Control starts and stops workouts at the push of a button.
      • Advanced Bluetooth connects accessories like heart rate straps and syncs workout data with popular fitness apps. This makes the Horizon Paragon X very easy to use with your chosen fitness app.
      • Contact grips provide quick, accurate heart rate feedback.
      • Device holder keeps streaming entertainment and on-demand exercise classes clearly in view. 

      Max User Weight: 187kg