Morgan 8-Digit LED Cross Functional Fitness Timer
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      The Morgan 8 digit commercial-grade interval timer is designed and manufactured like no other timer on the market. By using The Morgan 8 digit timer and interval clock you get to focus on your workout. This premium digital timer is perfect for every workout and training program, whether it is MMA or a customised workout of the day.

      You can set off a countdown and even a count up. The eight-digit cross-fit timer displays intervals of 12 and 24 hours. This Morgan interval timer has pre-programmed modes like FGB, TABATA, count up, count down, stopwatches, interval timer with custom durations of rest and go times and many more customisable functions.

      Some of the key Features

      • Clock Display 12/24 hours (sec not displayed)
      • Extended Cord Length
      • Count Up (00:00:00 to 99:99:59) can be customized
      • Count Down (99:99:59 to 00:00:00) can be customized
      • Stop Watch (100 mins max. count up with minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second)
      • Custom Intervals (up to 10 x group setting with 9 workouts and rest under each group)
      • 1 sec. count down
      • Timer can save up to seven custom programs
      • Pre-programmed Tabata mode – 20s work 10s rest 8 rounds
      • Pre-programmed FGB1 mode – 5 mins work 1 min rest 5 rounds
      • Remote control is also included


      • Frame Size: 890mm L x 160mm W x 50mm H
      • LED Screen Size: 820mm L x 120mm W
      • Power Cord
      • Remote Control (35m Span)
      • Large LED Digit Size of 113 x 64mm (Can be seen from over 100m away)
      • Housing Made From 17mm Thick Aluminium
      • Wall Mounted Option