Morgan Classic Junior Curved Hit & Strike Shield
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      The Morgan Junior curved strike & hit shield is one of the most basic pieces of training equipment you can own in a martial arts dojo. The junior shield is made using a 750D smooth ripstop vinyl, specifically designed for kids to kick and punch without leaving abrasions on their skin. Using 10cm of high-density and closed-cell foam, our junior kick shields can be used for punching, kicking, and tackling.

      The Junior shields offer both resistance and cushioning. The extra strong vinyl on the striking area covers our high-density foam so that the shield is light enough to hold for extended periods while still providing a maximum amount of impact absorption. The air vents on the side reduce strain on the seams so the shield will last a long time. Dual plastic tube nylon handle and strap configuration allow the shield to be held in a variety of positions, making this an extremely useful training aid.

      • Filled with high density Australian made foam - a higher density foam compensates for a thinner shield offering the shield holder a maximum amount of protection
      • Made from 750D rip-stop material
      • Made with dual plastic tube handles
      • Air release eyelets
      • Ideal for Junior martial arts, rugby league or union
      • Dimensions:  66 x 30 x 10cm