Morgan Green Astro Turf (10m x 2m)
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      Morgan commercial-grade astroturf is a great addition to any functional fitness or combat sports training centre that wants to incorporate a designated area for power sled and sprint training. Our turf is designed for high usage areas with a guaranteed 1-year commercial warranty. High-grade athletic turf designed for elite athletes.

      • Each Roll is measured at 10m x 2m
      • 100% UV treated Astro track turf
      • Custom yarn weaving patterns ensure no need for sand, rubber or even brushing to keep your turf at its best. The yarn is approx 1-1.5cm thick and has a natural curl surface
      • A slight curl weave creates a lifelike usable surface allowing power sleds to glide over the turf
      • Perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use, the adjoining tape can also be purchased from us to extend the length or width of your track
      • Ideal for all types of cross-functional training needs
      • Astroturf has a 1-year warranty against normal wear and tear
      • AstroTurf can be laid on a concrete surface we recommend using heavy-duty Velcro placed under the seams,  carpet tape may be used for a more permanent application

      Top-quality - multi-lab approved:

      • Anti UV testing - Pass
      • Lead content - Pass
      • Fire resistance - Pass
      • REACH  SVHC testing - Pass
      • Toxicology - Pass

      Technical Date specs on turf:

      • 100% UV Resistant Polyethylene Fibrillated Yarn
      • Yarn Count (Dtex) 8800
      • Yarn height (straight): 15mm +/- 5%
      • Machine gauge 1/4 inch
      • Tufts per linear M 250
      • Tufts/m2 = 39375
      • Yarn weight (g/m2) = 900 (+/- 5%)
      • Drainage hole diameter of 5mm
      • Primary backing: UV resistant pp 148g/m2
      • Secondary backing: UV resistant PP 90g/m2
      • Back coating: Latex + rubber Spun bond on Styrene-Butadiene Basia, 700g/m²
      • Fire resistance grading: DIN 51960 Class 2 flammable