Morgan Strength Tyres - 60Kg
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      The Morgan strength tyre is one of the most versatile functional fitness products available. This CrossFit tyre is made from a 90-degree hardness EVA (same EVA that is used in the foam plyo boxes) which makes it a great item for both strength and body weight training. Using an ever durable outer vinyl covering with numerous soft webbed inner straps, allow the tyre to be carried from location to location. This ensures that not only does the tyre look strong and durable but it also helps your athletes perform in their best, day to day.

      • 60kg dead weight 
      • High-grade vinyl covering
      • 90-degree hardness EVA to allow users to jump on the tyres with no hard rubber edges like conventional tyres
      • Multiple lifting and pulling straps allows for a variety of functional fitness exercises to be performed 
      • Non-smell EVA ensures you have a clean, safe training environment unlike old smelly tyres that have a heavy toxic rubber smell
      • Dimensions of the tyre are: 1.25m x 1.25m x 40cm

      Some of the exercises that can be performed with the functional tyre are as follows:

      • Tyre flips
      • Farmers lifts
      • Deadlifts
      • Chest press when laying flat on your back
      • Leg press when laying flat on your back
      • Dragging the tyre
      • Jumping on the tyre for a Plyometric work out
      • Walking with the tyre
      • Pushing the tyre
      • Group carrying the tyre
      • Partner passing the tyre 

      Note: this tyre is not to be used with a sledgehammer, it is not to be dragged on concrete or outdoor surfaces, we recommend using this item on commercial grade rubber floor tiles, EVA jigsaw mats or Astroturf.