Morgan V2 Classic Kids Boxing Gloves
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      The kid’s classic boxing glove has been designed as a high-quality cardio fitness boxing glove that also works well as a junior sparring glove. Great for kids who are just starting their journey to boxing, fitness and martial arts. Cost effect, compact and our new V2 version offers a superior hand, wrist and thumb protection. These gloves have been designed to offer children the most authentic feel of a boxing glove with no compromise on safety and quality.

      • Made from ATF phase 2 rexene
      • 100% full Latex and Foam insert padding
      • Precision cut for cardio fitness
      • Padded with a secure thumb locking feature
      • Perforated thumbs and palms for a quick and easy drying process
      • 2” military grade velcro components ensure the gloves can be opened 1000’s of times before the velcro loses its effectiveness