Morgan V2 Classic Rag Filled Thai Pads (Pair)
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      The Morgan Rag-filled Thai Pads are made from 850D ripstop vinyl material and filled in our factory using premium Australian-made rags. We fill these Thai pads using a mixture of both 100% cotton and fleece to provide a soft impact which helps reduce joint injuries and pains. Using dual Velcro wrist straps and a plastic tubed handle, these Thai pads work great for kicking, punching and also as a weighted tool for your arms. This makes it a very versatile training accessory for boxing, Muay Thai and any combat sports group training.

      • Made using 850D ripstop vinyl
      • Australian filled high-quality fleece and cotton inner material
      • Dual rear velcro straps and plastic tubed handle for a secure grip
      • 2 x air release eyelets per pad
      • 40cm x 20cm x 15cm in dimension