Morgan V2 Endurance Foam Lined Heavy XL Punch Bag (Filled)
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      The Morgan V2 endurance punch bag is the essence of a true heavyweight punch bag, measuring 42cm in diameter and approx 45, 50 & 55Kg makes this one of the widest punch bags available to purchase in Australia. Manufactured using our signature 1050D ripstop vinyl, with 4 x re-enforced leather holding patches with quad rivet layout over the holding patches to make sure the ring stays firm and secure over the life of the bag. Using our patent-pending Halo ring layout gives the bag a never sag finish towards the top, allows the bag to stay centred during workouts and gives the user and great training experience. Using our XL 42cm diameter reduces the bag swinging during training, and can allow for 2 people to use the bag at once. A 4 way rear tie-down strap located at the bottom of the bag, will help reduce the swinging motion of the bag if used, this stabilises the bag during training which is great for when the punching bag is used in a high traffic area. Supplied with an additional layer of Australian made medium density foam, to line the side of the punchbag to provide all users with safe and enjoyable training experience.

      • 42cm X-Large diameter punch bag
      • 5cm thick Australian made inner foam lining for a lifelike impact 
      • Made in ripstop vinyl with leather re-enforced patches to secure the steel ring 
      • No hanging straps mean no wearing of D-rings and the bag always stays round (anti-sag bag)
      • Swivel and chain supplied
      • 1 x tie-down loop to make punch bag stationary (eliminate swinging)
      • Printed logos on the front and back of the bag (2 x full digital prints)
      • Ideal for personal home use or gym use
      • These bags are classed as HEAVY BAGS due to its X-Large 42cm diameter = minimal swinging and movement when being used

      Jens Pulver 3 times UFC champion states our Morgan bags are the best he's ever worked with - perfectly weighted and amazing design with the ring top