Morgan V2 Endurance Pro Trainer Chest Guard
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      Our Morgan Endurance Pro trainers chest guards offer a precise multi-organ shield with additional abdominal and liver protection. Its features ensure the trainer has a fully protected V Spine for maximum adjustability to fit all body types and sizes ( 2 adjustable straps with buckles). True fit shoulder system provides 360-degree unrestricted shoulder movement that ensures the trainer has full mobility while coaching. An angled hipline for lower body protection, unrestricted leg range of motion, and ultra-lightweight and sleek designs ensure that the trainer is not impeded by the body shield.

      • Made of industrial quality synthetic Rich PU to withstand the most vigorous training schedules
      • Perfectly balanced to comfortably sit on your shoulders with our padded shoulder straps
      • Complete ergonomic adjustment straps at the shoulders,  back and sides for a perfect,  comfortable fit
      • Freedom of movement of the arms for use with your mitt work as well