Impulse Sterling Bicep Curl
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      The Impulse Sterling Bicep Curl has a unique belt drive system for the most smoothest range of motion. Oval-shaped CAM automatically changes the resistance force by rotating during muscle contraction. Ergonomicly designed 45° handle bar offers minimal injury due to the incorrect position.

      Product Size 1403*1045*1200(mm)
      Product Weight None
      Maximum Load Capacity 120kg
      Product Features
      Main Frame Commercial grade 50mm*100mm*2.5mm square tubing with electrostatic power-coating ensures ultra durability.
      Upholstery High-density poly-foam offers comfort and endurability.
      Bearing High-precision industrial grade ball bearing ensures smooth operation and rust protection
      Adjustment Elastic adjustment allows users to adjust upholstery easily and precisely.
      Handles Anti-slide knurling aluminum handlebar